Bridging IT & OT for the Digital Era

We implement complex projects for Smart Cities, combining the Group’s technology expertise in Telemetry Systems, Smart Networks, AMR Devices, SCADA , Internet of Things, WebGIS, DSS, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Data Logging, Big Data, ERP and Mobility with our business expertise in the areas of Water, Energy, Sewerage, Irrigation, Waste and Environment.

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End-to-End Project Excellence

We study, design and implement public and private projects, providing technological equipment, software, integrated solutions and advanced consultancy services for Metering, Monitoring, Data Analysis, Controlling, Security, Automation, Billing, Regulatory Compliance and Emergency Response in the fields of Water Supply, Energy, Sewerage, Irrigation, Waste Management and Environment.

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Integrating Expertise in Vital Sectors

We develop and adopt cutting-edge smart and innovative technologies, synchronizing the fields of Information Technology and Operational Technology, following a step-by-step roadmap to guide our clients into the new digital twinning reality, within the areas of Water, Energy, Sewerage, Irrigation, Waste and Environment.

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Integrated Projects

Smart Meters & Sensors

Metering Data/Day


We provide a more comprehensive view of a system or environment, by collecting data from multiple sources, allowing for valuable insights.


We promote sustainable practices and reduce negative impacts on the environment, by monitoring and analyzing environmental data.


We optimize processes and reduce waste, leading to cost savings and improved productivity.


We foster clarity and trust by making data accessible to the public, enabling citizens, businesses and government agencies to use and analyze information for solid decision-making.


We are leaders in the water supply sector offering management solutions for complex and demanding infrastructures. We aim to control water consumption and improve resource sustainability by implementing smart water management systems.


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Through the implementation of energy smart projects, we improve the operational efficiency, we enhance the reliability of the infrastructure, and we significantly reduce the operational cost of energy in public and private organizations leading to significant cost savings and contributing to a more sustainable future.

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We have significantly contributed to the improvement of the operations of sewerage networks. We use mapping and evaluation systems, providing a complete picture of the operation and the peculiarities of each sewerage network, while offering solutions that cover all wastewater management, drainage and construction needs (collection and discharge systems, treatment facilities).

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We provide sustainable irrigation solutions that are environmentally and socially oriented, economically viable, and able to meet the needs of present and next generations, aiming to reduce the negative environmental impacts of irrigation, while ensuring that water is used efficiently and effectively to support agricultural production.

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We actively contribute to waste reduction by adopting circular economy models. Our strategy revolves around creating products, processes, and systems that possess regenerative, restorative, and reusable attributes.

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We offer solutions through Environmental Technologies to monitor, model and conserve the natural environment and resources and to curb the negative impacts of human involvement.

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The Group

Olympios Intelligent Technologies

Established in 1997, Olympios' mission is to deliver integrated solutions, distribution services and representation for over 60 manufacturers, operating across various industries, in the water, energy, irrigation, and sewerage network management sectors, implementing smart systems for domestic and industrial management of natural resources.


Thita-Fi was established in 2013 to provide integrated construction and project management services in the field of drinking water, urban wastewater, other fluids and flood protection infrastructure, mapping, hydraulic solution and zoning of networks, monitoring, and telemetric management of critical operating parameters.


Melcer was founded in 2001 as a provider of innovative and high-end services in different fields of engineering, having accumulated ever since experience and expertise in the construction and integration of complex electrical, hydraulic, and mechanical systems.



Ianic was founded in 2020 on the premise of establishing itself in the field of IoT and software development, offering the necessary digital tools to organizations and companies, in order to jointly create the “City of Today”.


Oktava, founded in 2022, has a comprehensive approach to sustainability, targeting not just water but also energy and overall efficiency in both urban and rural settings. Oktava’s focus on sustainable technologies and behavior change suggests a well-rounded strategy to address environmental challenges.