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Olympios Group is an independent, private and multi-industry group of companies active in the technology, energy, water, irrigation, sewage and environmental sectors.

Olympios Group’s development is based on management’s knowledge, the experienced professional teams, the understanding of technological evolution and on a strong network of strategic partners.

Olympios Group provides to its customers, in the public and private sector, intelligent and added-value solutions and services of the highest quality, while at the same time is committed to strengthening its ability to respond proactively and effectively to complex business challenges.

Business Sectors

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By developing and adopting intelligent and innovative technologies, we are syncing Information Technology with Operational Technology, guiding our customers to the new business era in the areas of our expertise...

We plan, design, implement, operate and maintain public and private projects by offering hardware and software products, integrated solutions and services for metering, monitoring, data analysis, controlling, security, automation and billing systems.

We emphasize on Smart Cities projects utilizing the Group’s technology expertise in Smart and AMR Devices, Smart Networks, GIS, Mobility, Internet of Things, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Group’s business expertise in the areas of Water, Sewage, Waste Management, Irrigation, Energy and Environment.

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We are experts in the water supply sector and we offer solutions to complex and demanding infrastructures... By implementing smart systems for domestic and industrial water management, we ensure the controlled consumption of water, and thus contribute greatly to its sustainability.

With our extensive experience, we actively contribute to the calculation and improvement of the water balance, using modern systems for constantly monitoring and control of the flow and pressure of raw and treated water. With permanent leak detection systems on the pipes, we proceed to immediate repair interventions, which significantly reduce losses from non-revenue water.

We provide real-time telemetric monitoring of water quality characteristics, presenting all those characteristics that make the water reliable for consumption and therefore the most valuable commodity for human life.

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We have significantly contributed to the improvement of the operations of sewerage networks.. We use mapping and evaluation systems, providing a complete picture of the operation and the peculiarities of each sewerage network, while offering solutions that cover all wastewater management, drainage and construction needs.

Our expertise in the field of drainage is a harmonious combination of our experience in dealing with difficult applications, the solutions we offer and the services we provide. Based on this combination we support the optimal technical and economic result for all sewerage networks, even of the most complicated.

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Our goal is to find and develop solutions for the design, supply and installation of any irrigation project... By using innovative and modern products and technologies for irrigation water management, we ensure the quality of the network, the efficiency of irrigation and the saving of water, energy and resources.

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Through the implementation of energy smart projects, we improve the operational efficiency, we enhance the reliability of the infrastructure... and we significantly reduce the operational cost of energy in public and private organizations.

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We offer solutions through Environmental Technologies to monitor, model and conserve the natural environment and resources... and to curb the negative impacts of human involvement.

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