What we do

We apply our Technology Expertise

When we unleash our technological innovation across diverse domains, we redefine possibilities and foster resilience. 

Cutting-edge Connectivity
Spatial Intelligence
Smart Integration
Optimized Data Visualization & Analytics
Advanced Consultancy Services
Telemetry Systems

Utilizing cutting-edge technologies in diverse fields to provide sophisticated solutions for the optimization of operational management.

Smart Networks

Smart grids & utilities enabling efficient energy distribution, monitoring, management and interoperability.

AMR Devices

Wireless connectivity for data transmission, two-way communication & real-time data analytics.


Monitoring & controlling of processes, infrastructure & facilities.

Internet of Things

Sensors to collect data & actuators to perform specific actions and analysis to derive meaningful insights.


Spatial analysis & web mapping for pattern analysis, trends prediction & informed decision-making.


Strategic decision-making in long-term planning and strategy formulation for increased efficiency.

AI & Machine Learning

Development of algorithms & statistical models, edge computing bringing AI processing closer to the data source.

Data Logging

Historical data logging to identify trends & optimize processes, root cause analysis & predictive maintenance.

Big Data

Ingestion, processing, storing and disposing of massive sets of Big Data in real time.


Integrate business processes, manage resources & streamline operations for efficiency.


Digital mobility and capability to access and use digital technologies, services & information.

To core
Business Needs

We elevate precision and efficiency in every operational aspect, from the intricate processes of data management to the strategic orchestration of automation.

Holistic Metering & Monitoring
Intelligent Data Ecosystems
Automated Control & Security
End-to-End Data Utilization

Deployment of smart meters & AMR systems for accurate & real-time data monitoring & demand forecasting.


Remote monitoring & control of processes & integration of data analytics to detect & respond to changes in parameters.

Data Analysis

Big data analytics & visualization, statistical analysis, data wrangling & modelling, predictive analytics, descriptive statistics.


Management, monitoring, evaluating & adjusting organizational activities to ensure that goals and KPIs are achieved.


Cybersecurity against malware, phishing attacks & ransomware & network security against unauthorized access, attacks, and disruptions.


End-to-end process automation to cut costs, reduce errors & manual intervention, enhance scalability & ensure consistency.


Record-keeping, payment processing, integration with accounting systems, invoice electronic delivery, tracking & reconciliation & customer information.

Regulatory Compliance

Adoption of compliance management software to ensure adherence to regulatory standards & reporting requirements.

Emergency Response

Real-time monitoring & early warning systems for emergency detection & response, including floods, contamination & infrastructure failures.

So as to Form
the Smart Cities
of Today

By embracing the transformative power of technology, we create a world where cities thrive sustainably, with respect to the environment and quality of life for the citizens.



We are leaders in the water supply sector offering management solutions for complex and demanding infrastructures. We aim to control water consumption and improve resource sustainability by implementing smart water management systems.


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Through the implementation of energy smart projects, we improve the operational efficiency, we enhance the reliability of the infrastructure, and we significantly reduce the operational cost of energy in public and private organizations leading to significant cost savings and contributing to a more sustainable future.

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We have significantly contributed to the improvement of the operations of sewerage networks. We use mapping and evaluation systems, providing a complete picture of the operation and the peculiarities of each sewerage network, while offering solutions that cover all wastewater management, drainage and construction needs (collection and discharge systems, treatment facilities).

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We provide sustainable irrigation solutions that are environmentally and socially oriented, economically viable, and able to meet the needs of present and next generations, aiming to reduce the negative environmental impacts of irrigation, while ensuring that water is used efficiently and effectively to support agricultural production.

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We actively contribute to waste reduction by adopting circular economy models. Our strategy revolves around creating products, processes, and systems that possess regenerative, restorative, and reusable attributes.

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We offer solutions through Environmental Technologies to monitor, model and conserve the natural environment and resources and to curb the negative impacts of human involvement.

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