Who we are

Innovation in Every Endeavor

Olympios Group of Companies is a privately owned, multi-industry corporation headquartered in Athens, Greece, operating in six main business pillars, including Water, Energy, Sewerage, Irrigation, Waste and Environment. Its focus is driven by the company’s mission, vision and values, as well as by market trends and opportunities.

The Group’s growth is based on the management’s commitment, the knowledge and experience of its professional teams, the understanding of technological evolution and the robust network of strategic partners.

The Group’s competitive advantage is investing in research and development to differentiate its products and services, pursuing strategic partnerships and acquisitions to expand into new markets and sectors, also optimizing its operations to achieve greater efficiency and cost savings.

Our Vision

To develop an inspiring environment for the next generations to endeavor for continuous improvement in education, creativity, diversity, emotional intelligence, positive behaviors, environmental responsibility, and mental health, with respect to a worth living environment.

Our Mission

To provide intelligent and innovative solutions and services, while at the same time to strengthen its ability to respond proactively and effectively to complex business challenges, by adopting a comprehensive and data-driven approach towards a long-term success.

Leadership Team

Nicholas Petroulias

Group Co-Founder

Dimitrios Foufeas

Group Co-Founder

Yannis Theodoropoulos

Group Chief Executive

Ioannis Petroulias

Group Administration Officer

Vangelis Balokas

Group Technology Officer

Thanasis Vacharidis

Group Commercial Officer

Nikolaos Vourakis

Group Technical Officer

Angelos Dragkolas
Athanasios Detsis

We are our people

Within Olympios Group of Companies, we firmly believe that our strength, resilience and success are rooted in the exceptional individuals who make up our collective. ‘We are our people’ is not just a statement; it’s a guiding principle that underscores our unwavering commitment to the well-being, growth and diversity of our workforce across all member companies.

We recognize that each employee contributes uniquely to the character of our group. From innovative thinkers driving cutting-edge solutions to dedicated professionals fostering a collaborative and inclusive culture, our people define who we are and propel us forward. As a group, we prioritize creating an environment where every individual is valued, heard and empowered to reach their full potential.

Our shared success is a reflection of the expertise, passion and dedication of our people. By investing in their development, supporting their aspirations and fostering a workplace that celebrates diversity, we build not just a business consortium, but a community of talented individuals driving the collective success of Olympios Group of Companies.

In embracing the ethos of ‘We are our people,’ we shape a future where collaboration, innovation and a commitment to excellence define our identity across all our companies. Together, we forge a path toward continued growth, sustainability and positive impact in the industries we serve.

The Group

Olympios Intelligent Technologies

Established in 1997, Olympios' mission is to deliver integrated solutions, distribution services and representation for over 60 manufacturers, operating across various industries, in the water, energy, irrigation, and sewerage network management sectors, implementing smart systems for domestic and industrial management of natural resources.


Thita-Fi was established in 2013 to provide integrated construction and project management services in the field of drinking water, urban wastewater, other fluids and flood protection infrastructure, mapping, hydraulic solution and zoning of networks, monitoring, and telemetric management of critical operating parameters.


Melcer was founded in 2001 as a provider of innovative and high-end services in different fields of engineering, having accumulated ever since experience and expertise in the construction and integration of complex electrical, hydraulic, and mechanical systems.



Ianic was founded in 2020 on the premise of establishing itself in the field of IoT and software development, offering the necessary digital tools to organizations and companies, in order to jointly create the “City of Today”.



Oktava, founded in 2022, has a comprehensive approach to sustainability, targeting not just water but also energy and overall efficiency in both urban and rural settings. Oktava’s focus on sustainable technologies and behavior change suggests a well-rounded strategy to address environmental challenges.