The 1st Hellenic Water Forum powered by Olympios Group

In a world grappling with climate and energy crisis, water scarcity stands as a stark reflection of the challenges we face. In Greece, water operators are facing extreme water stress, therefore, effective water resources management has become more critical than ever. The 1st Hellenic Water Forum emerges as a pivotal milestone in addressing these crucial issues.
“As we stand on the precipice of a climate and energy crisis, the rational management of water resources has become more imperative than ever.”

The Urgency of Integrated Water Resources Management

Given the challenges posed by climate change, water deficit, pollution and overexploitation, water resources are becoming increasingly scarce and precious. The effects are now evident, and water, intricately tied to the well-being and resilience of our planet, demands prioritized attention. Aligned with the 6th UN Sustainable Development Goal, “Clean Water and Sanitation,” the Forum seeks to ensure direct and easy access to water for all, with a goal to achieve sustainable water management by 2030.

Shaping the Water Agenda

The 1st Hellenic Water Forum brings together policy makers, water management authorities, the academic community, technology and water service providers, as well as regions, cities and citizens. In collective discourse, they aim to outline high-level innovative water management approaches, discuss the digital water process, foster cooperation and networking for new governance models and improve utilization of financial instruments for the imminent transition to a new era.

Thematic Priorities

  • Technological Innovation, Political Commitment and Sustainable Management: Navigating the intersection of technology, politics and sustainability in water resource management.
  • Climate Crisis, Water Resources Safety and Sustainability.
  • Innovative Financial Instruments: Exploring financial solutions for effective water resources management.

Specific Objectives

  • Political Priorities and Effective Solutions: Validating that water management is a political priority requiring immediate actions and effective solutions.
  • Alliance of Innovation, Governance and Finance: Demonstrating that providing water to the public necessitates a robust alliance between innovation, governance and finance rooted in societal culture, demanding specific technological solutions and sustainable systems.

Join the Forefront of Water Sustainability

Olympios Group, being the primary sponsor of the Forum, underscores its commitment to advancing positive change in water-related initiatives. With the participation of key decision-makers, government representatives, regional leaders, academics, water operators, civil society members and technology providers, the 1st Hellenic Water Forum will forge a path towards sustainable water resources management and development of resilient and smart solutions, securing the resilience and reliability of the water cycle.