Pioneering Water Solutions for Conservation, Quality & Efficiency

We are leaders in the water supply sector offering management solutions for complex and demanding infrastructures. We aim to control water consumption and improve resource sustainability by implementing smart water management systems. Our expertise in the water sector focuses on the following aspects:

  • Water distribution: delivering treated water from the treatment plant to the end-users, involving various components, such as pipelines, pumps, regulation valves, sensors, and other equipment.
  • Water quality: monitoring water quality parameters throughout the distribution system to ensure safe drinking water consumption.
  • Water conservation: with water scarcity becoming an increasing concern globally, conservation efforts are critical to preserve water resources. Water conservation involves various methods, such as reducing wastewater, using water-efficient equipment, pressure management and promoting water-saving behaviors.
  • Water management: digital twin development, monitoring volume, pressure, quality energy and maintenance of water infrastructure and supporting actions such as risk and vulnerability analysis and simulation of risk response scenarios.
  • Water treatment: coagulation, sedimentation, filtration, disinfection, inline chlorination, and others.
  • Water policy and regulations: policies and regulations addressing issues such as water quality, water rights, and water allocation.

Our key principles:

  • Innovative methodologies and tools: we actively contribute to the calculation and improvement of the water balance, using innovative solutions for constantly monitoring and control of the flow and pressure of raw and treated water.
  • Non-revenue water reduction: we proceed to immediate repair interventions, through permanent leak detection systems on the pipes, which significantly reduce losses from non-revenue water, study and implement pressure and asset management
  • Real-time monitoring and controlling: we provide real-time telemetric monitoring of water quality characteristics, presenting all those characteristics that make the water reliable for consumption and therefore the most valuable commodity for human life.