The 1st Smart Water Meters Operating in NB-IoT Network in Greece

The Municipal Water Supply and Sewerage Enterprise of Ioannina (DEYAI) participated in the project “Improving water management and supply infrastructure via smart technologies, policies, and tools,” under the Interreg IPA II CBC Program “Greece – Albania 2014-2020.” The basic aim was to enhance water management practices by upgrading monitoring and control infrastructures for drinking water.
“DEYAI focused on implementing a pilot action for the city of Ioannina, emphasizing the need for integrated management of water supply networks.”
The primary objective of the pilot action was to reduce Non-Revenue Water (NRW) by addressing physical and apparent losses and promote water conservation among consumers. Olympios Intelligent Technologies, selected through a tendering procedure, executed the mapping on a GIS platform of the existing water meters in the city of Ioannina and the installation of smart (digital) water meters in Kastro area.
By implementing the pilot action, Olympios played a vital role in Greece’s first smart water meters operating in NB-IoT network. This contribution assisted DEYAI in gaining expertise in international standards for water distribution management, formulating methodologies for estimating water balance in a supply network, acquiring documentation for costing and pricing water supply services, and, most importantly, accessing a modern technological tool for the rapid management and repair of damages in the water supply network and the prevention of losses.