Integrated Telemetry System in the Municipal Water and Sewerage Company of Larissa (DEYAL)

The Municipal Water and Sewerage Company of Larissa (DEYAL) is the first and largest Greek Municipal Company. One of its main goals is the provision of healthy and adequate drinking water. Olympios Group of Companies contribute to the achievement of DEYAL goals in the best possible way, through the installation of an integrated wireless automated telemetry system in the water supply network of DEYAL.
” The water supply network in the Municipality of Larisa will be upgraded with the supply and installation of more than 30,000 digital water meters. “
The supply and installation of about thirty-two thousand (32.000) water meters incorporating communication and data recording devices will contribute to the upgrade of the water distribution system of DEYAL, through the application of cutting-edge technologies, real-time data analytics and the utilization of IoT technology. During the implementation of the integrated telemetry system in DEYAL, Olympios Group will incorporate innovative solutions (Low Power Wide Area Network -LPWAN), developed to improve the effectiveness of the electricity grid, minimize energy consumption, decrease GHG emissions, and ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable, and contemporary energy. By developing and adopting intelligent and innovative technologies, Olympios will synchronize Information with Operational Technology, aiming to improve water use efficiency of the WDN of DEYAL.
Following the installation of the automated telemetry system, the personnel of DEYAL will be trained in operation, repair, maintenance, and other related tasks by the experts of Olympios Group. The training program will be tailored to meet the specific needs of DEYAL, ensuring alignment with its strategic goals. In this context, DEYAL’s experienced employees can share their knowledge and expertise directly with their colleagues, facilitating knowledge transfer within DEYAL.