Kos, the 1st Greek island which operates with a Unified Fixed Water Distribution Network

Kos Municipal Water Supply & Sewerage Company is an island water utility located in a high touristic area and the operation of its water supply network operation is comparatively difficult. Its population served increases rapidly during high-season periods, introducing several challenges to be addressed, due to the fluctuation of the water consumption and consequently the operating pressure level and the water quality characteristics.
Thita-Fi, Member of Olympios Group, acknowledges the spatial differentiation of the Greek Water Utilities in terms of population served and operation of drinking water supply infrastructure, along with water and energy consumption.
“Various local characteristics and physical parameters, encompassing geological and climatic characteristics, have been considered for the provision of high-quality water supply services in Kos island.”
Through dealing with all these particularities, Thita-Fi contributed to the reduction of Non-Revenue Water in Kos island by 30%. This result was achieved through the installation of 12,000 smart water meters in households, hotels and industrial facilities, as well as the implementation of an integrated telemetry freshwater monitoring system.