Olympios Group exhibiting its digital solutions in water and sewerage in IFAT Munich 2022

After a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic, IFAT Munich 2022 came back more promising and inspiring than ever, cementing its status as the world’s leading trade fair for environmental technologies, with innovative solutions for climate protection being the focal point, and with IANIC, Member of Olympios Group, showcasing its integrated solutions in digitalizing water and sewerage.
Representatives from authorities, from both municipal and private utilities and waste management organisations, from the manufacturing sector, consultants, service providers, universities and research centres visited IANIC’s booth in hall C1 and were introduced to SmartVille, IANIC’s Unified Web Orchestration Platform of Horizontal IoT levels that allows and optimises the management of smart meters and sensors from different areas of a digital and autonomous city (water and sewerage, mobility, energy, waste management, environment, public lighting). Through the mutual exchange of brilliant ideas, the foundations were laid for fruitful collaborations.
“The feedback received was consistent: the importance of effective data visualisation and visual analytics is indisputable.”
In the era of Big Data, proper representation is a significant means in order to digest the abundance of data generated and ingested on a daily basis. With visual elements such as lists, charts, graphs, maps and dashboards, we can easily view and understand patterns, trends, outliers and discrepancies. In this way, data are more easily shareable, digestible and accessible by more people across an organisation, while leading to more solid, data-driven decisions.
Through the masterful combination of data visualization and visual analytics, IANIC’s software transform billions of data into business insights that help ameliorate the operation and boost the performance of both organizations and cities as a whole, with the ultimate goal of saving valuable resources and improving urban daily life.