Olympios Intelligent Technologies to be the authorized representative of NIVUS products & services

Olympios Intelligent Technologies signed an agreement with NIVUS GmbH as the authorized representative of NIVUS products and services in the field of water quality & analysis, hydraulic flow and level measurement for the water supply and the digitalization and IoT solutions in drinking water supply, wastewater, and environmental technology.

“With more than 50 years of experience in the water industry, NIVUS IoT solutions help system operators monitor, understand and control their processes even better.”

This agreement outlines a collaborative and mutually beneficial relationship between the two business entities. It also implies a level of trust between Olympios and NIVUS, involving adherence to specific standards, training, and compliance with both policies.
In this respect, Olympios Group has become a leading integrated developer, undertaking complex projects across the spectrum of drinking water supply aiming to enter new markets. The focus is on addressing the complexities of drinking water supply while simultaneously leveraging these efforts to explore and penetrate emerging markets beyond Greek borders. Training sessions and workshops covering practical aspects of measurement technology, data management, and digital services across various applications within the water management sector constitute one of the main aspects of the strategic agreement.