Reduction of Non-Revenue Water through the installation of 50,000 water meters in Thessaloniki

Thita-Fi, Member of Olympios Group, signed a contract with EYATH for the installation of 50,000 high-precision water meters to replace old, inadequate tachometric-type water meters and to reduce the company’s water footprint by 20% until 2030.
EYATH aims to enhance consumption recording accuracy and notably reduce unbilled, treated water losses. The installation of new water meters will primarily focus on areas like Pylaia, Oreokastro, Pefka, and Efkarpia, which previously utilized outdated tachometric water meters. Additionally, suitable infrastructure will be integrated into the wireless reading system, alongside with the installation of safety switches featuring telescopic devices.
“A socially fair allocation of the full water cost, in compliance with the requirements of the Water Framework Directive (WFD) 2000/60/EC.”
Consumers will have the capability to monitor their water consumption and related charges. They will also receive automatic notifications in case of water leaks and alerts for sudden drops in water meters temperature. This will increase consumers’ trust to the company services, raise public awareness about EYATH’s contribution to the local community and enhance environmental safety in terms of pollution and water resources protection.