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Olympios Intelligent Technologies

Established in 1997, Olympios' mission is to deliver integrated solutions, distribution services and representation for over 60 manufacturers, operating across various industries, in the water, energy, irrigation, and sewerage network management sectors, implementing smart systems for domestic and industrial management of natural resources. Olympios has expertise in planning, designing, implementing, and operating public and private projects, by offering integrated solutions and services for metering, monitoring, data analysis, controlling, security, automation and billing systems. Olympios has also expertise in integrating data from multiple sources, such as SCADA, ERP, GIS, sensors, dataloggers and smart metering, for effective decision-making, improved efficiency, and streamline the management of industrial processes and infrastructure.


Thita-Fi was established in 2013 to provide integrated construction and project management services in the field of drinking water, urban wastewater, other fluids and flood protection infrastructure, mapping, hydraulic solution and zoning of networks, monitoring, and telemetric management of critical operating parameters. Thita-Fi has expertise in the design and installation of all kinds of electrical and electronic equipment including smart data collection and transmission systems with all available innovative technologies and monitoring them in a single web platform and application, to enhance water and energy efficiency management at both distribution networks and supply points through advanced technologies.



Melcer was founded in 2001 as a provider of innovative and high-end services in different fields of engineering. Having accumulated experience and expertise in the construction and integration of complex electrical, hydraulic, and mechanical systems in industry, building management, shipping, water and sewerage networks, Melcer provides high level consulting services in areas such as best operating and management practices, performance optimization, resource optimization, energy efficiency, aiming at sustainable development and environmental protection.



Ianic was founded in 2020 on the premise of establishing itself in the field of IoT and software development, offering the necessary digital tools to organizations and companies, in order to jointly create the “City of Today”. In Ianic, innovation is a vibrant, dynamic concept that is constantly evolving and shaping our ideas for a better future. Ianic designs the infrastructure of our common living space, the “City of Today”, or alternatively, its digital brain, SmartVille, an Integrated IoT Management Information System that allows the control of smart meters and sensors from different areas of a digital and autonomous city, combining data from smart meters, telecommunication networks and analytics tools to provide artificial intelligence (AI) services in order to meet the modern operational and digital transformation needs of the Community.



Oktava, founded in 2022, has a comprehensive approach to sustainability, targeting not just water but also energy and overall efficiency in both urban and rural settings. Oktava’s focus on sustainable technologies and behavior change suggests a well-rounded strategy to address environmental challenges. Offering design, supply, installation, real-time monitoring and ongoing maintenance ensures that Oktava’s holistic solutions and services contribute to long-term performance, savings and security of supply.


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